About us

PELSO – About the Brand

PELSO is a swimwear brand following and promoting slow fashion practices. The brand was established in 2012 by lead designers Angéla Mészáros and Attila Bálint in Budapest and has been working with a dedicated team of professionals ever since.

2021 marks a special milestone in the brand’s history, introducing new, sustainable practices and a wider range of products. Our pieces have a strong grounding in nature and are inspired by a deep love for the water, a source of eternal tranquillity. This is why we are dedicated to being kind to nature by working inclusively with made-to-order services, preventing overconsumption and overproduction.

We design for women who move through life with purpose. For those who are mindful of themselves and their surroundings. For whom clothes are not only a way of self-expression but a thoughtful, long-term investment. For those who are strong believers of our buy less, buy better philosophy. For those who appreciate the fine things in life and have a meaningful connection with what they wear. Because clothes carry a lot of meaning and are rich in stories. Stories of their materials, their design process and their life after production, marked by all the hands that touched them. With our high-quality clothes, you become part of the story, adding your own experiences and anecdotes, enriching the world of PELSO and creating your own.

You will find an inclusive range of styles, shapes and sizes, that celebrate womanhood and slow living. From classic shapes and colours to bold styles and patterns, PELSO comes to you with an invitation to live life to its fullest.

Our Home

Lake Pelso. You might know it as Lake Balaton. A lovely mix of blues and greens in the heart of Hungary. A source of great history, a scene of abundant nature, a sense of calm and an endless source of inspiration for PELSO. An essence of summer and nostalgia for many generations before and ahead, an attraction for many travellers in the past and the future. A place to rediscover adventure in stillness, to find passion in placidity and peace amid uncertainty. A place where still waters run deep. Somewhere you can always return to when the world is too hectic. Don’t you just crave a quiet, yet exciting place like that? A place for holiday weekends, vibrant coastal life, pink sunsets, long sips of wine and tanning on a sailboat.