Imagine a calm, lakeside afternoon just before sunset: you hear the quiet murmur of the water, the rustling of the reeds, and the swishing of the wings of the waterfowl all around you. Take a step forward, step into the silky waters of Lake Balaton. Get immersed in the world of PELSO.

The SS23 collection features bolder and more feminine pieces than any previous collection, complemented by a new addition of elegant lakeside wear. Lake Balaton is the guiding principle in the creation of the new collection that comes alive as a reflection of the infinite freedom and inspiration the lake provides.

The new collection is a creative mix of signature styles and new shapes, lines, fits, and materials. The trademark watercolour technique remains, with new additions to the previously seen flora and fauna of the lake, like the symbolic water lily or the white-lined sphinx.

Fall in love with the new pieces and receive them in the spring 2023!