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A dream came true: we presented our SS23 collection at Milan Fashion Week

September 22, 7 a.m.: our team gathers next to the Milan Cathedral. Our SS23 collection will soon be presented to international guests on a breathtaking roof terrace, on the main stage of the fashion world, as part of the official program of the Milan Fashion Week's calendar. We can hardly believe that soon we will show the results of our work and our vision in a place that has been floating in front of us like a dream for many years. And now we are finally here - a new chapter has begun.


Impressive buildings steeped in history and art wherever we look, the smell of fresh coffee at every corner, fashionably dressed women and men, the noise of scooters and cars, hustle and bustle, then slowing down at lunchtime. Style and good taste are in everything, everywhere, and in everyone: this is Milan. We arrived here a few days before the event to make our dream come true and present our brand at Milan Fashion Week for the first time.

On the day of the presentation, we started preparing on site early in the morning: the clothing stands, counters, decorations, and our Balaton-green catwalk were in place by 9 a.m. Our models arrived, hair and make-up were done, we had one last dress rehearsal, and as 10 o'clock arrived, it was time to welcome our first guests.


Our presentation went along a different course than the usual fashion shows: we had two hours to host our guests, while our models were almost constantly on the catwalk. These two hours passed in an informal, very positive atmosphere: we waited for our guests with coffee, champagne, and small snacks. Between two sips of coffee or champagne, our guests could take a close look at the collection on the stands, watch the models passing by on the catwalk and socialize with us and each other. We were finally able to meet in person the people we had only been in contact by phone and e-mail until now. It was a fantastic experience to be among our nearly one hundred guests for these two hours, while seven of our wonderful models presented the SS23 collection on our iconic, Balaton-green catwalk. And the Milan Cathedral as a background - well, it was the most impressive backdrop anyone could ask for.


The number of spectators was actually even more than that because the show could also be seen by those who were walking the steps of the dome. Even the everchanging September weather was kind to us and showed its beautiful side. As our models strutted down the runway, summer was undoubtedly back for a few hours.


Our most mature styles to date came to life on the catwalk with bold colors and patterns: the pieces of SS23 open a new era in which - in addition to swimwear - an increasingly wide range of beachwear will be available as part of the collection. For our designer Angéla Mészéros, the infinite freedom of Lake Balaton was the guiding principle in creating this collection. The one-piece swimsuits have a low neckline and the back is completely open, symbolizing the infinity of the water and sky. We created the bikinis with easy-to-combinate, modern lines in the seasons’s colors. Jumpsuits, maxi skirts, palazzo pants, shorts, kaftans, hooded kimonos accompany the swimsuits, which ensure stylish wear either on the beach or for an evening walk in the city. The main colors of the collection are dominated by the blue and green mixture of Lake Balaton, and the yellowish-reddish hues reminiscent of the sunset. The hand-painted watercolor motives are the work of Julianna Szőke and continue to play a central role in the collection. They are the storytellers who revive the memories of lakeside vacations that live in us and continue to invite us to new adventures. The main motif of SS23 is the heron, which radiates elegance and grace. The delicacy of our swimwear is emphasized by the graceful shape of the bird and the soft swaying of the reeds surrounding it.

Even now, it's hard to believe this was real; that we had one of the most exclusive venues of the Milan Fashion Week; that we received enthusiastic and positive feedback. It was the most important and memorable occasion in PELSO's history so far. Now we know for sure that the direction is right because there is no greater recognition in the fashion world than the chance to present yourself in the Italian capital of fashion.

More pictures here.

Watch the video here.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible!